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Avril Brown Presents:

Glory be and hallelujah, warm weather has returned!

At least it has for us residents of the Midwest, and it’s about friggin’ time. I’m not entirely sure when it disappeared, but Chicago has been missing the glorious season of spring for several years now. The weather ‘round these here parts goes from a dank forty degrees to a balmy eighty in the span of a few days. After many moons of shivering cold and nestling under layers of cotton and fleece-y goodness, we flip winter the bird, head out into the glorious sunshine and strip off nearly all our clothing.

So in the spirit of near nudity, I feel this is a prime time to give homage to the many fine looking ladies in the world of comics who like to fight crime (or commit it) wearing as little as possible. These flesh-baring fashion queens love to bear all whether it be sunny, stormy, heaven or hell, therefore it is only fair they star in their very own fashion show. Thus presenting Rogue Element’s Scantily-Clad n’ Sexy Superlady Pin Up Gallery!

Red Sonja

Red Sonja is a true warrior woman and one of the deadliest people with a blade, but what we like best about Sonja is her unique outfit. This flame-haired feminist has declared her body untouchable by any man who is not worthy of her in battle, but most men (and some women) need only to look to be satisfied. A metal bikini which hangs just so upon her fighting physique may put her enemies at a disadvantage due to the distracting view, but it is more than enough to earn her a place in our pin up.

Emma Frost: The White Queen

Emma Frost has never worn much clothing, and what she does wear is of the barely-there variety, so naturally this tantalizing telepath is one of our favorite pin ups. With a haughty attitude and bad-ass powers to boot, the former White Queen of the Hellfire Club and current X-Man is a force to be reckoned with. Her outfits range from devilish dominatrix to simply defying the very laws of physics, so be sure and brace yourself before meeting this blond bombshell.

Poison Ivy

Red hair, green skin and an outfit made up of strategically placed leafs and twigs means Poison Ivy takes a place in our pin up. This voluptuous villainess got the message about going green a long time ago, and though her methods of trying to save the planet more often than not end up with her in jail, we have to give her an ‘A’ for effort…and for showing up to battle totally Eve-style. We’ll refuse to sort the recycling if it means we get our ass kicked by this dazzling defender of the Earth!

Princess Leia

What mortal with eyes can forget the amazing image of Princess Leia in her gold bikini? Her royal hotness is burned upon many a nerdy brain, giving this pretty princess a well-deserved place in our pin up. She may have been a movie star before she was a comic one, but her ability to strangle fat, arrogant worms with her own slave chain earns this rapturous royalty a definite shout out.


One look at this raven-haired, otherworldly woman and it becomes clear why Vampirella has a place in our pin up. A demoness of Vampirella’s, um, stature deserves some jaw-dropping duds, and boy does she deliver. This blood-sucking babe may fight on the side of the angels, but her outfit seems to have been stolen from one of Satan’s more mischievous mistresses.

Sara Pazzini and Danielle Baptiste: Witchblade

What’s better than one foxy lady bearing a supernatural sentient weapon capable of extreme powers? Two, of course! Sara and Danielle are both wielders of the Witchblade weapon, and both are beautiful bad-asses who earned their place in our pin up by wearing next to nothing. One is a dancer, the other a cop, and neither are donning more than a smattering of molded metal when they go to battle with the forces of evil, giving both of these bad-ass babes a position in our pin up!

Wonder Woman

Princess Diana has been sporting nothing more than a star spangled one-piece since comics were first coming into creation, so naturally she is an obvious choice for our collection of comic cuties. Best known as Wonder Woman, wielder of the Lasso of Truth and kicker of misogynistic asses, this super lady is the poster girl for girl power, but it is her trademark sexy swimsuit which secured her place in our pin up.

There you have it, folks! I do hope you took aesthetic pleasure in Rogue Element’s gallery of gorgeous gals, and to prove we do not discriminate, be sure and tune in next issue when we turn our lecherous eyes to the other sex and enthusiastically ogle the Hottest Hunks in the comic world. Remember, just because they’re not real does not mean they’re not pretty, so enjoy the view! 

Avril Brown

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