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Avril Brown Presents:

Welcome back to Rogue Element’s Pin Up Gallery!

Rogue Element’s Scantily Clad n’ Sexy Superlady Pin Up Gallery was presented in a previous issue as a shameless excuse to ogle foxy female comic book characters who make a regular practice of wearing as little as possible. Unfortunately the gentlemen heroes of the comic universe feel the need to ensconce their chiseled abs and sculpted legs more than the female heroines, so most of these men are covered in clothing. Thankfully it will take tougher threads than spandex to smother the sexiness out of these guys, so without further ado, here is Rogue Element’s (some) Scantily Clad but mostly Studly Superhero Pin Up Gallery!

Dr. Jon Osterman: Doctor Manhattan

Dr. Jon Osterman was a brilliant yet humble scientist before an unusual accident turned him into something a bit more than human. A god among mortals, this bright blue dude is a clothing optional kind of guy, a choice which we heartily approve of, and he has more than a few tricks up his non-existent sleeves. Dr. Manhattan can reassemble his molecules if they go wandering, change his size to immense proportions, create fully functioning copies of himself and teleport instantaneously from one point to another (even if that point happens to be Mars). Roughly translated, he can do almost anything, but it is his bare-all attitude which secured him a place in our pin up.

Namor the Sub-Mariner

The Prince of Atlantis is the only other sexy superhero who comfy wearing next to nothing when fighting evil (or perpetuating it, depending on what mood he’s in). Green scaly shorts and white wings on his feet are all Namor needs when flying about the surface world or swimming through his underwater kingdom. Possessing a vast number of super powers which include immense strength, flight, telepathic communication with marine life and the ability to harness electricity (to name a few), Namor has plenty to back up his sizable ego and strong opinions. Half human, half Atlantean but nearly all naked means Prince Namor has earned his place in our pin up.

Logan aka James Howlett: Wolverine

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and typically what he does isn’t very nice. However, there are several satisfied super ladies in the Marvel Universe who would argue otherwise (well, the ones that are still alive; poor Wolvie has a bad habit of losing girlfriends). He may be short in stature but his mutant healing factor ensures he can recover quickly from pretty much anything, and the unbreakable steel forged to his bones mean he’s one of the toughest super studs on the market today. Logan has also shown on several occasions his ability to strip down to his skivvies or less and still get the job done with unparalleled efficiency, earning him a place on our pin up and in our hearts.

Bruce Wayne: Batman

Bruce Wayne has plenty going for him, including money, looks and a slamming social life, both in costume and out. Born into privilege, Bruce had a silver spoon in his mouth since he was a babe, but it was the murder of his parents which gave birth to Batman, the hero and dark protector of Gotham City. Backed by enough money and wits to buy and/or create those wonderful toys, Batman must also maintain a secret identity to protect the innocent people in Wayne’s life. Unfortunately, with secret identities come masks, and although it should be a crime to cover up a face like Wayne’s, he was nonetheless born to be a poster boy, securing him a place in our pin up.

Remy LeBeau: Gambit

If you’re looking for a little spice in your life than look no further than this Cajun cutie. One look from his smoldering red-on-black eyes and it’s bye-bye rational thought, hello weak knees! Of course, having a subtle telepathic “charm” power could be one reason Remy LeBeau is so popular with the ladies, but we believe his sexy smirk, delicious accent and nimble fingers are the real attractants. There isn’t an overpriced object in the world that is safe from New Orleans’ Prince of Thieves due to his skills with a lock pick and his mutant ability to blow things up, but you are in even greater danger of losing your heart to this sexy stud. He may be covered in clothing from the cowl on his head to his steel toed boots, but at least his gorgeous face is visible, and his body armor has the decency of clinging to him in all the right places, guaranteeing him a place in our pin up.

Clark Kent: Superman

Though he was born on an alien planet, Superman has long been America’s most beloved and recognizable superhero. Impervious to bullets and able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, this super strong champion of the people spends his time flying about the world righting wrongs and busting the bad guys. As Clark Kent, dorky reporter extraordinaire, he is one of the original good guys you can take home to meet the folks. Though nearly constantly cloaked in his trademark red, blue and gold, Superman has an angelic face and wavy dark locks which can stop hearts just as surely as he can stop a runaway train, placing this otherworldly stud in our pin up gallery.


The product of one of many Zeus’s, the king of the Greek gods, affairs with a mortal woman, Hercules was marked for disaster since the moment he left the womb. Though not responsible for his father’s inability to keep his immortal tool in his own loincloth, Hercules is nevertheless the frequent focus of the ire of Zeus’s wife, Hera, meaning he’s always involved in some war, task or tragedy. With a good-looking god for a father and an unspeakable beauty for a mother, Hercules at least inherited both his parents good looks, plus some super strength from his dad. Often wearing nothing but the hide of the Nemean lion he slayed, Hercules may not appeal to the devoted cat lover, yet he certainly appeals to almost everyone else, women and men alike, earning him a place in our pin up.

Alas we have come to the conclusion of Rogue Element’s Sexy Superhero/ine Pin Up Gallery, but we hope you have enjoyed the view! Remember, never be ashamed for noticing the hotness of comic book heroes despite their two dimensional forms and lack of basis in reality. They were designed specifically to catch our eye, so who are we to deny them our attention? As long as the admiration is kept within normal parameters, there is no harm in cracking a silly smile and reveling in the beautiful bodies brought to life by colorful and limitless imaginations.  

Avril Brown

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