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Avril Brown Presents:

‘Twas two days before San Diego Con and all through the country,
many a nerd were stirring and gathering their sundry.
Packing comics and clothes with a song in my heart,
this nerd is grinning, waiting for the journey to start.
One long year ago I made a promise to me
to make SDCC 2009, no matter the fee.
So here I stand with bags in hand
ready to travel to the famous Nerd Land.
To the San Diego Comic Convention I shall soon proceed
for comic books and shop talk I so desperately need.
The people, the panels, the artists, oh my!
This is where nerds go for a natural high.
As a Cali Con virgin I feel the first-timer flutters,
anxious to rub elbows with all the other nutters.
We who talk of Krypton like it’s a real place,
or consider Klingons to be one bad-ass race.
We who read X-Men knowing if a character dies,
they’ll be back eventually, like on ‘Days of Our Lives.’
We who wield Magic cards with precision and power,
and easy to convince to play for at least another hour.
Some call us freaks and say our heads are filled with trash
“Why does it matter how men are called ‘The Flash?’
Or when Jean Grey will once again return from the dead?
Wouldn’t you be better off reading Tolstoy instead?”
Just ‘cause we read comics doesn’t mean we’re not smart
for there is far more to comics than words and pretty art.
Though it is true some comics don’t have much soul
(the characters are crappy and the plot has no goal),
There are so many others that are clever and witty,
the writing is solid and the art is more than pretty;
There are stories that rouse feelings so deep and primal
you wonder how they fit so much emotion into one graphic novel.
There are pages so beautiful it almost seems unfair
to hide them between their covers when they have that much flair.
There are fantastical books starring people in tights
and more grounded tales of real world fights.
Laugh if you will at my flowery chatter
of book and heroes which, to some, do not matter.
But in two days time I’ll be with people who ‘get it;’
they pay bundles on books and do not regret it.
Thousands will gather for days on end
to shop and chat with those we call friend.
We’ll go to panels and get things signed,
we’ll ask nerdy questions and wait in line,
We’ll spend more than we should on a rare edition
(a book we just had to have for our collection),
We’ll smile and laugh and have a jolly good time,
we’ll binge and eat ‘till we have nary a dime.
Onwards to San Diego; I can hardly wait!
The nerdy elation I feel will not abate.
Look out, West Coast, ‘cause here I come
to party it up at the world’s greatest Comic Con! 

Avril Brown 

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