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Jocelyn Saddler Presents:

Fables Pusher

I know I’m supposed to be reading vampire books. Well I got bored with trying to read them. There are just too many to choose from. I did manage to read Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice and it was wordy and boring. Took me over two weeks to get through and as I’m talking to other people about it being boring I find out that Vampire Lestat is the “awesome” book I have to read. I have it on hold at the library so we’ll see. Before I started reading Interview with the Vampire and in between when my mind started to wander I read Fables.

Fables created by Bill Willingham is about all the characters from European fairy tales, nursery rhymes, popular fantasy action adventure stories, and of course fables, living as refugees in the real human “mundane” world because a force called the adversary took over their homelands. It sounds juvenile and kiddie, but please keep in mind that that Fables is published by Vertigo comics. Case in point Prince Charming is a dick who cheats, uses, and sleeps around.

I personally have always been a fan of fairy tales. The Disney versions because I love to sing along to them, but also the originals which are actually pretty dark and bloody too. For me Fables was an interesting more adult and oddly enough realistic, once you get past the magic, take on stories I grew up on. Since I loved the series so much there was only one thing to do…get the word out.

I started reading Fables about 3 months ago and read the last trade paperback in May. So far I have gotten three people into the series. They’re like addicts who spend time bullying me to hurry and finish reading so they could borrow my books then bullying each other to finish reading because I pretty much passed the books between them.

The first person is a friend who used to read comics, but doesn’t really any more. I just told him about the series and he decided to give it a try. The second person is a guy who reads comics all the time and at first lied trying to impress me that he read the series and like it. Later I tried to drag him into a Fables conversation and he claimed he did not like the series. Someone called him out and he admitted that he didn’t read it. I loaned him the first TPB and two days later I was being bullied for the others. The third person is a girl who does not read comics, but happed to read the books I left at work. I thought I lost my books and searched for them all over the place for 2 weeks before they were returned, and then she asked for other TPBs.

This past Friday I loaned out the first and second TPB of Fables to someone else. They’ll be hooked too soon enough.

Now I’m finished with the 11th TPB and have moved on to just picking up the comic monthly. Unfortunately the key word is “monthly” so I have to wait 30 days to get my fix and I have to find some back issues that came out between when the 11th TBP ended most recent issue before I realized that I needed to add Fables to my pulls. In the meantime I started reading the TPBs for Jack of Fables which is about Jack Horner who gets exiled from Fabletown and his adventures. Jack does not seem to be paying attention because he runs around being a stupid jackass, but you learn more about the history of the magic of the fables. Plus I have some side books to read like 1001 Night of Snowfall, which is a collection of back stories about select fable characters and Peter and Max which is about Peter Piper and Max who becomes the Pied Piper.

To date Fables has won 12 Eisner awards. Also ABC has got the right to develop a television series for the 2009-2010 season, but since NBC had rights for the 2006-2007 season and it didn’t happen a TV series might not happen at all. I personally think that Fables would be better with the HBO treatment because ABC is owned in part by Disney and it might receive a Disney treatment spoiling what makes Fables good. 

Jocelyn Saddler 

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