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Jocelyn Saddler Presents:

Hurricane season is June 1st to November 30th. Why bring this up? Well it is every year for the past 10 plus years my mom says that same thing “you should catalogue your comics.” Insurance reasons she says. Plus she always asks “Do you even know what you have?” My response is I have a pretty good idea.

Really, I have found the whole idea of cataloging my comics completely unappealing for no other reason than it would be a lot of work and I am that lazy. I store them, isn’t that enough? Well about two months ago my boyfriend invited me over to his place and thought it would be cool to pull out his comic book collection to show off. I said “nice.” He noticed that I did not seem that impressed and wanted to know why. My response is short and simply “I have more comics than you.” He took it as an insult to his manhood and just didn’t believe me, but I was really being honest. Honestly I couldn’t even pretend to be impressed because I’ve seen more in my own bedroom. He asks how many do you have and I couldn’t say because I don’t know. Then the offer is made. He offers to catalogue my comics. I of course accept.

So now it is a month after the great cataloguing started. So far I have about 1500 comics from years of collecting and I have a habit of randomly buying for whatever the reason. I’m the type of person who will read a book only once and put it up and not look at it again, so I had forgotten what I actually had. My boyfriend has really enjoyed going through my collection. The first day he pulled out signed issue of Teen Titans and said “Cool I have the same sketch cover. Wait yours is signed and it has a certificate. Where did you get this from?” I forgot that I had that. I remembered buying it because it looked cool. A couple of days later it was “You have a ton of Titans books. Why?” Well I went through a phase when I was all about the Titans and Teen Titans. If it was in any way associated with the Teen Titans I bought it. I even bought just about the full run of Team Titans when a comic book store was closing. Never read them because I forgot I had them, but you know….I have it. He sent the signed Teen Titans issue off to get graded or certified or something.

I have the stuff I bought when I discovered EBay and realized I could buy 200 lot books for $20, filled with random stuff. This stuff consisted of Teen Titans from the 80’s; again I am so all about the Teen Titans. Plus when the Outsiders series kicked off in 2003 I needed to know about the original Batman and the Outsiders. I have pretty much the whole Batman and the Outsiders series plus The Outsiders series. I now have this intense dislike for Looker. Anyway it is because of EBay that I have a lot of duplicates of various comic issues.

I have my X-Men titles from the 90’s. The whole reason I got into comics was because of the X-Men animated series, so I pretty much spent the 90’s buying anything associated with the X-Men. I even came across my X-Cutionor’s song crossover series. I patted myself on the back because I didn’t open the bags that had the trading cards included. I slapped my hand because I also came across a Flash comic that had been graded and I broke the seal and read it. My boyfriend even came across my favorite X-Men issue, # 30 when Jean Grey and Cyclops got married. It is in god awful shape. First it was reread who knows how many times them my brother managed to ruin it by ripping off the cover and I threw this humungous bitch fit when I discovered what he had done. I loved that issue, and need to buy another. I even came across the wedding of Superman and Lois Lane. I like that issue because I bought it when I was on a road trip and traveled through Metropolis (it’s a small town in Illinois by the way not like GRAND city the comics) and took a picture with the giant Superman statue.

We have come across my anime comics. I was so very into Sailor Moon when it was coming on Cartoon Network and was big. I don’t even remember if I actually read the comics all I know is that Sailor Moon was on the cover. I also had Dragonball Z comics that I now feel was a big waste of money.

My boyfriend describes my collection as having full-runs of random series from Archie to Pokemon and things mainstream hero-ish like Batman. There were a few days in which I didn’t even hear from him because he was laying on his bed reading the Generation X and other comic issues that he always wanted, but never had. I believe the comment he made was “I didn’t have my daddy supporting my comic book habit.” Yeah I have the best dad in the world and we are able to sit around and talk about comics. Not many fathers and daughters can do that.

We are still cataloguing and I told him I still had more. My boyfriend keeps looking at me with this unbelieving look in his eyes, like I’m not being serious, and is now complaining about how my cataloging is cutting into the time when he is supposed to cataloguing his books. Still the experience has been very nostalgic and it gave me a chance to show off.

If the big one hits and all my comics are washed away. I better be able to claim all those comics on my insurance, because if not I will be all over my mom. 

Jocelyn Saddler 

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