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Jocelyn Saddler Presents:

Final Crisis on My Budget

I’m poor. Ok not poor, but a bit broke and no longer have the money to spend the way I want to. These are, after all, tough economic times. I have decided to cut back my spending. For one thing the amount of books I read is outrageous, not comics I’m talking about novels. I have decided to make use of the library every other week. I haven’t been to the comic book store in three weeks. Had to take care of other expenses first, so next payday I’ll go to the comic book store. When I go I will be looking over my pulls and deciding what I want to drop. I’ve been thinking really hard about dropping Final Crisis.

Final Crisis was really talked up at ComicCon 08. Just about every DCU panel brought it up. Issues one and two were already out and had everyone all a buzz. There was even talk of all the tag-a-long stories and series that would accompany it. Yes I am calling them tag-a-longs not tie-ins because that is what they are doing tagging along to the main story and not doing much tying in. Of course I wanted to check it all out to stay up on what was going on. It was really talked up. I got a bit excited. I started to think this will be a powerful story line and will have such a major impact on DCU. Well Final Crisis really isn’t all that great. The best way to describe is “all over the place.” I really do not believe that all the tag-a-longs were necessary and maybe just maybe if more concentration was given to the main story line it would be better.

These are some Final Crisis tag-a-longs:

DCU #0: one shot

DCU Last Will and Testament: one shot

Final Crisis Revelations: 1 – 5

Rogues Revenge: 1-3

Final Crisis Rage of the Red Lanterns: one shot

Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds: 1-5

Final Crisis Resist: one shot

Final Crisis Requiem: one shot

Final Crisis Superman Beyond: 1-2

I know that is not all the titles, but my point is that there are too many titles. There are these tag-a-longs, more tag-a-longs, plus tag-a-longs with some DC main titles. Each title except for DCU #0 is $3.99. With all the other titles I was buying a week plus one or two of the tag-a-longs it can be pricey. I do not like the feeling of my money being wasted. If I’m going to be spending money I do not have, the story better be good and make me feel good about my purchase. That $3.99 could be going towards a gallon of milk, a box of cereal, V8 splash, a loaf of bread, a hamburger, or that wrap fruit combo I like to buy for my lunch. Yes all food because I LOVE to eat that much and seriously that is what $3.99 can buy you today.

It is almost as if DC came up with all these tag-a-longs as a way to get my money. A good tie-in can enhance a story; in fact it is supposed to. This almost seems like a money making scheme. Almost like the idea for Final Crisis was conceived and it was a good idea and would really add dimensions to DCU as well as shake it up. Then someone spoke up and said “we should milk it and try to make as much money as we can off it.”

Have I wasted my money on Final Crisis and all its tag-a-longs? I will give it the benefit of the doubt because as I said earlier I have not been to the comic book store in three weeks. Maybe when I read Final Crisis 4 and some of the tag-a-longs I know that is sitting my pull pile everything came together and after reading the last pages I say to myself “what a powerful story, this was money well spent.”

Jocelyn Saddler





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