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Jocelyn Saddler Presents:

I’m still stuck on Final Crisis.

Like the boyfriend I really should not be with, the one who asked me for $60 to go out to the bar with his boys, leaving me home all alone. I keep hoping that it will get better, but I’m about to the point where everything is looking bleak.

First I was a bit miffed because I felt like my money was being wasted. It pretty much was. Most of the tie-ins were not needed for Final Crisis. Most could have been separate story lines that would have been interesting by themselves. I was really upset that DC totally hosed my ass with Rage of the Red Lanterns. That had nothing to do with Final Crisis and unfortunately because it was taking so long between FC issues I forgot a bit of the story and didn’t realize I was being tricked until it was too late. My generation doesn’t have much of an attention span. No I didn’t and do not plan to pick up any of the follow up Green Lantern stories.

The delay in issues really messed up the dramatic effect they were going for. I was getting Batman R.I.P. because I wanted to see how Batman died, or if he really was going to die. So I’m reading and after awhile I start to suspect that my brother came by and took some of my issues because obviously I’m missing something. No FC 4, 5, and 6 were just delayed it messed up everything. Not to mention the rest of DCU still isn’t caught up with FC. For a big example, I’m not getting the point of the Darkside Club except to give goofy Clock King his moment to prove he’s a real badass and to introduce Static. Maybe it will make since at the end. Of course Shadow Cabinet debuted in JLA, but Batman is there for that so this happened before FC. Then where are they during FC? When did the Green Lantern Corps. decide to chaperon Sinestro across the galaxy meeting up with all the other colored lanterns? Before or after FC? See I shouldn’t have to think that way. I should be able to read everything and see it flowing together.

Final Crisis and Batman R.I.P. isn’t as impactful or dramatic as I think Morrison is aiming for. Barry came back and he should have stayed dead. He made the ultimate sacrifice, that’s what made him a legend. He came back, so now what? I get the whole Crisis significance, but still. Batman died. Who cares? He’ll be back in I think within two years. First it has be determined who is going to be the next Batman. Then whoever it is runs around in the cowl for a while. Bruce comes back in the next cosmic event. What should have been done is that an announcement shouldn’t have been made that he was going to die. It should just have been shown on the last page a big surprise.

One of the big things that stood out in FC is that it made things that were significant insignificant. The lantern power rings are not a focus of FC, but it was brought up that there are other lanterns and power rings in the universe. Now Green Lantern’s ring isn’t so amazingly cool and unique. Again Barry’s back, so now his death insignificant. Again Batman made his sacrifice, but he’ll be back, so already it’s insignificant.

On a side note why did Geoforce wait till now to avenge his sister? She’s been dead for how long? How many times has to world and universe almost come to an end since she’s been dead? It has been a long time. Was he spending all his time planning out a foolproof revenge plan? Not from what I saw in Revelations.

So why do I keep spending my money are reading the many different books that have to do with FC? I’m a fan. Fans will hang in there. I also keep hoping that the next issue or crisis will make it all worth it.

Jocelyn Saddler

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