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Jocelyn Saddler Presents:

Final Crisis # 7…

…sucked ass. I was expecting it, but still it wasn’t something I really wanted to acknowledge. My first heads up was a friend leaving me a voicemail Wednesday night that said “You didn’t answer your phone I hope you didn’t go into a rage induced coma.” When we spoke on Friday he asked if I was mad and I said not really because I’m not sure what happened. Yeah FC 7 made no sense except in the end the good guys won.

First and foremost starting out I noticed the whole Obama effect. Now in pop culture you can be black and cool and relevant without being a hip hop stereotype. I like that I’m ok with it. After black president Superman was recruited to save the multiverse nothing made sense. I don’t even know what to say except that. I was reading and thinking maybe I missed a tie-in, but after talking to people I didn’t miss anything.

Morrison tried to make Final Crisis deep and meaningful and instead appeared to be on a psychedelic road trip and messed up DCU. That is how those “major” events go. They mess up then clean up. So I consider Final Crisis the mess that has to be cleaned up. Luckily Barry Allen and Aquaman were brought back for other storylines to possibly do that and Nix Uotan too will help somewhere down the line.

So in closing I’m tired of FINAL CRISIS, happy it is over, and Batman is “dead” and he didn’t even get a proper big batsy funeral. When J’onn J’onzz died that was really depressing and sad, but for Batman no one seems to care much. I mean his dead body got to be held in Superman’s arms and there was the longing look at the armchair, but still. It’s like everyone is happy he’s gone so they can fight over who is going to be the next Batman. He better come back with style.

Jocelyn Saddler

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