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Jocelyn Saddler Presents:

Vampires are Cool!

Vampires are “in” right now. Honestly it seems that vampires are in every 15 years or so always triggered by a movie, show, or book. This time around it was the Twilight series that put vampires back in the limelight. Since I spend most of my time reading I have decided to take it upon myself to put up the best attempt possible to read as many as the vampire novels, and watch all the media starring a vampire. There is a lot out there and the only thing that involves Anne Rice that I have come across is watching Interview with the Vampire, but I’m young and got time.

First off I have read the Twilight series and I have seen the first movie. I believe that it in no way lived up to the hype. First off I did not know it was a teenage angst love story. I am not a teenager and am not big on love, never been in love, and have never been obsessed with anyone. It didn’t appeal to me much and I kept getting bored with what I was reading. The first book Twilight was ok. The second book, New Moon sucked because I thought it was stupid and a big fat waste of time for that the girl to be zombie depressed. I did like the introduction of the other supernatural beings though. The third book, Eclipse was ok. It had a lot more suspense compare to the second book, but still there was nothing special that stood out, just an ok book. I liked the fourth book Breaking Dawn the best. I’m someone who likes to read about other characters besides the main ones, and the fourth book had a lot going on. At one point the story is being told from the point of view from someone other than Bella. During the series there are references to Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet. If you are familiar with those stories then you will understand how I thought the series was going to end, but Stephenie Meyer went for something else.

I went and saw the Twilight movie and thought it was boring. I got a bit fidgety during the movie. Bella and Edward are obsessed with each other. In the book you can at least read and get an understanding of their emotions. In the movie they just kind of lie on the grass and look at each other. They try to get this deep love emotion across that doesn’t get across to me. Robert Patterson is all kinds of hot though.

Basically if you’re not a teenage girl, jaded, and you’re heart is icy like mine, you will not find the Twilight series all that amazing. Plus the vampire mythology is not the regular well known vampire mythology. They are vampire “vegetarians” and walk during the day. Not like Blade either. It is because of this the vampires in Twilight to do not seem to be real vampires, but something else. Also there is no sex, it’s a chaste story.

Still Twilight is huge and apparently some 13-year old boy in Des Moines felt inspired to bite 11 of his classmates. The saga didn’t inspire me that way. They are not evil vampires for the most part roaming around biting people.

I have read the Anita Blake vampire books by Laurel K. Hamilton. The first two books, Guilty Pleasures and Circus of the Damned, have been made into comics published by Marvel. Plus Marvel released a prologue story that takes place before the first book Guilty Pleasures called Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: The First Death. I have not read all of the comics because I have read the novels; so I do not know how the comics are. I did read the prologue. Compared to the books, the prologue story is not all that great. It is a very simple story. It provided a back story for Anita Blake, but nothing important that you wouldn’t pick up from reading the novels. I’m going to assume that the prologue comic mini-series is for those that plan on reading just the comics.

The theme of the Anita Blake story is that vampires have always existed, but are now legal citizens of the USA. Anita Blake is what they call an executioner who is called in to kill off vampires that break the law. She also acts as advisor of the supernatural to the police force and helps solves crimes involving this area. She can also raise the dead. The whole supernatural communities like weres, the Faye, zombies, witches, etc. are living out in the open in the book.

The novels are really good up to about the ninth one and then it becomes supernatural smut. Yes Twilight does not have enough sex and the Anita Blake series has too much. The smut starts becoming more prominent in ninth book. Micah, the 13th novel in the series, was the last one I read and it is about 10 chapters of smut. At this time I do not know if I will read anymore novels from this series.

Still I would like to say up to a certain point Hamilton creates a very rich history for the characters in her books and the different supernatural communities, plus how the rules of humans affect them.

Ok so far that is two different vampire series. A combination of 17 novels read plus one comic mini-series. One movie watched. There were a lot of novels on the book store vampire novel table so I have a lot to read ahead of me. It is ok because I do not have much of a life.

Next Up: A 5000 year old vampire named Sita and SOOKIE STACKHOUSE! 

Jocelyn Saddler 

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