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Elliott Serrano Presents:



I have a terrible confession to make, one that I hope won’t make you all change the way you feel about me…

…I didn’t see the IRON MAN movie the weekend it opened.


I know, I know, what’s wrong with me? I kept hearing it over and over again: ‘Have you seen IRON MAN? No? You haven’t? YOU?!?!’

Even many of my non-comic book reading friends saw it before I did and expressed amazement, nay – shock, that I wasn’t among the throng that helped Marvel Entertainment’s first self-produced motion picture to a 100 million-dollar box office on its opening weekend. So sue me. I was busy. I was out of town. It was my birthday even (not that anyone remembered) and I had other things to do.

But rest assured I have seen the film and now count myself among the many who can only ask: Why can’t they make more comic-book movies like this anyway?

I mean, the flick was as near perfect an adaptation of a comic book as you can get. From the casting to the script, it was spot on. Now, don’t think I’m saying its flawless, but its strengths more than overcame its shortcomings. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane were simply incredible. Terrence Howard as James Rhodes, while used sparingly, brought some sincerity to a background character. Downey carried the film, giving Stark a depth and humor that is often lacking in the comics. The special effects were great, even though the big climactic battle at the end really wasn’t all that big or climatic. Nonetheless, I consider it the best superhero movie I’ve seen yet.

Better than SPIDER-MAN 2? I put it on the same level as IRON MAN lacked some of the nagging plot flaws that SPIDER-MAN 2 has. Better than BATMAN BEGINS? Call me a blasphemer, but yes. Why? I LOVE the first half of BB. Everything having to do with the character of Bruce Wayne, who gets total short shrift in the comics if you ask me, simply enthralls me in the film. But once he puts on the costume? Yawn. Been there, done that.

At least in IRON MAN, Downy brings a sense of humanity to the character that never goes away, even when he’s wearing the armor. And let’s face it: he’s damn funny.

So now we wait. The IRON MAN sequel is already slated for 2010 and a Thor and Captain America feature are in the pipeline as well. Then we have AVENGERS just beyond the horizon. (Yeah, I know, THE INCREDIBLE HULK is just a month away, but sorry – I don’t hold out much hope for that one. The CGI looks so amateurish, its laughable.) The Avengers has the potential for being one of the biggest hits, or bombs, of all time. We’ll just have to wait and see.

And next time I’ll be sure to not wait so long to see the movie.

E. Ruben Serrano is Writer/Graphic Artist/Geek who not only goes to movies but has been in them as well. He played Guy Thrown Off Truck in SPEED with Keanu Reeves, Guy On Subway Train in COLLATERAL with Jamie Fox, and Guy With Burrito in WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S with those guys who carried the dead guy called Bernie all over the place. He’s now up for the part of Guy In Back Of Cab in the next TRANSPORTER film. He can so nail that role! You can also see him on the Comic Culture Warrior You Tube Channel and read his column GEEK TO ME in the Chicago Red Eye.


E.R. Serrano

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