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Elliott Serrano Presents:


Am I the only one who doesn’t see why the Watchmen movie is such a big deal?


Don’t get me wrong, I will go and see it and I’m hoping that it’s good, but can it really be the greatest thing since sliced bread as is being portrayed in all the geek media?

And am I the only one, besides Alan Moore, who doesn’t see why it was so important to make a Watchmen movie in the first place? I mean, really? Why was it so imperative that the story be transformed from the medium that it worked best in?

Is it out of a sense of nostalgia? ‘Cuz if it is, I guess folks just don’t remember the era that the original Watchmen series was released in.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Remember feathered hair? I sure do. For chrissakes my adolescence spanned the 80’s and I have this recollection of people thinking that the fashions of the decade would be timeless, scoffing at the bell-bottoms and afros of the 70’s.

Was it because the arts and music were experiencing a Renaissance in 1986?

Well, there are a buttload of Van Halen fans who will tell you that their favorite hair-metal band hasn’t been the same since then.

It must have been because America had reached a level of enlightenment and had moved beyond its obsession for crass commercialism. Right?


This is what I remember about 1986 and the role Watchmen played in the comic book medium at the time:

I was one of perhaps a dozen fanboys I knew who read the book as it was being released. Marvel and the X-books ruled the roost with DC a distant second and no one else in my circle seemed to ‘get it.’

I remember the series’ final chapter getting delayed and leaving us hanging for what seemed an eternity, bringing back memories of the Camelot 3000 fiasco. When the last issue finally came out, those opening pages featuring the carnage in New York and the ‘squid’ had us all scratching our heads and thinking ‘that’s it? THAT’S the big payoff?’

I remember professionals in the industry lauding the book as one of the greatest, ground-breaking series of all time and average comic readers thinking ‘whatever.’ (Admittedly before the term ‘whatever’ became ‘de rigeur’.)

And somewhere along the way the series gets collected into a trade, wins a Hugo award, and talk of making it into a movie begins.

Which brings me back to my original question: Why?

Alan Moore won’t let his name be put on it, and I don’t blame him. Personally, the film version of From Hell was disappointing and V for Vendetta made me physically ill. What evidence is there to suggest that this movie will do any better?

And of course there’s the merchandising surrounding the flick, which I do believe is the source of Moore’s ire with DC and one of the reasons he refuses to work for them again.

So while everyone is all in a tizzy over this new Watchmen movie, I’ll just reserve judgment as to whether it’s all it was cracked up to be. Seems like the film is getting more props from the outset than the original series did, which just makes me chuckle when I think about it.

All I can say is it better not suck, but I won’t bet on it.

Elliott Serrano is a writer/columnist/graphic artist who knows ‘who watches the watchmen’, but ain’t saying who. He also knows who squeezed the Charmin and why Sonny is Cuckoo for Coco Puffs. These are all mysteries that you’ll have to unravel on your own, but may find clues to solving if you visit his You Tube Channel or read his blog. 

E.R. Serrano

Visit CWR at Unsungheroes! 






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