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Elliott Serrano Presents:

It’s that time of the year where we reflect and give thanks for all the things we were blessed to receive…

2009 proved to be an eventful year indeed, between the strides I made with CCW*TV (formerly the Comic Culture Warrior YouTube Channel) and the blog, to finishing a couple solo comic-book projects, most notably the Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama mini-series. My trip to the San Diego Comic Con this year saw me make some new friends in the industry and get re-acquainted with some old ones.

All of these things would not have been possible if not for the following people:

Joe Rybandt (Dynamite Entertainment Editor and scotch maven) who had enough faith in me to try and pull off the most ridiculous cross-over of the year…

Nick Barrucci (Dynamite Entertainment Publisher and chick magnet) who concurred and even paid me to do the job (!) …

Brandon Jerwa, (comic-scribe and gadfly) who introduced me to the Dynamite Duo…

Dan Jolley, (comic-scribe and southern dandy) who first introduced me to Brandon and told me that we would ‘get along swimmingly’…

Marc Mason (Comics Waiting Room EIC and slave master) who thought I could write a column about comic books…

Curt Wagner (Chicago RedEye features editor and Lord of Snark) who thought I could write a ‘geek column’…

Stephanie Yiu (Chicago RedEye On-line Features Editor and internet hottie) who sometimes fluffs my ego and other times keeps it in check…

Brian Moore (RedEye Sports Editor and fantasy football victim) who keeps putting my picture in the sports section…

Phil Thompson (The Mash Editor and Fate’s scapegoat) who opened the door for me with the Trib…

Jose Melendez (CCW*TV co-host and curmudgeon) who ‘puts the asses in the seats’…

And of course…

The Baby Jesus (deity and corporate symbol) who gives me breath and cries when I tell a lie.

My sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to all of you for your friendship and support, with which I would not be where I am now, writing about the things I love and loving every minute of it!

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!

Elliott Serrano is a writer/columnist/geek who is also grateful for the friendship of comic-book writer John Layman, author of the best-selling title CHEW. He’d like John to know that he’s a special little man and that he hopes that they’ll give him permission to use forks again someday soon. And to be around young animals. And children. Ok…maybe not children, but definitely animals.

On the other hand… 

E.R. Serrano

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