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Devil's Due 2

Written by Mark Powers and Drawn by Chris Lie

When last we left DRAFTED, an alien race had come to Earth, caused a series of natural disasters that had killed millions, announced that the planet was being called into service against a greater galactic threat, and said that if we didn’t comply, they were going to make the population extinct. When the world refused, the green guys wiped Jerusalem off the map. So the good guys were in deep shit. Now, however, things are changing. The sick and injured have begun to walk again. People are disappearing in a beam of shimmering light. And at least one man claims he has been inside the alien vessels and that we should cooperate. It’s beginning to get a bit more strange… and a bit more serious.

One of the biggest flaws with issue one was that it moved a bit too slow. However, the pacing here is much improved. It allows the reader to feel a genuine sense of danger in the story, and enhances the need for action amongst the cast. The cast is also a bit more focused in issue two, and we start to get to know and care about those involved, something which is always very important in apocalyptic tales. If you don’t give a damn about those in peril, you wind up hoping everybody dies. That isn’t what the creators want from the reader here, and they show it.

I’d like to see more in the way of detail and background work from Lie; some of the panel work is lacking in this area, and doesn’t give the story a strong enough sense of place. But for the most part, DRAFTED seems to be walking in the right direction. Should be interesting to see what destination it arrives at.

Marc Mason

Written by Larry Hama and Drawn by Mark Robinson

Tommy shops for knives, invades Lubyanka, and wipes out a ton of Russian soldiers as his series kicks into high gear. His niece Tiff has been kidnapped. A mysterious man has hired bad guys to take on Tommy and learn the secret of something called “Morning Light.” And if you think all ninjas are alike, and wonder why you might want to read about the exploits of Storm Shadow instead of Snake Eyes… the reasons become clear here.

So what’s the difference? Personality. The one thing that makes Snake Eyes so mysterious and cool, his lack of verbosity, also prevents him from carrying a series long term. You can only use gestures to keep character development moving so much. But Tommy is a different story. He’s verbal; in fact, he’s actually quite witty in his way, and a much more colorful character than you might expect. He’s clever, and is something like the equivalent of MacGuyver if he was a ninja. Tommy’s constantly a step or three ahead of his enemies, and that makes him loads of fun to read about.

Truth be told, when this book was announced, I was lukewarm on the idea, even with Larry Hama returning to the fold and chronicling the adventures of the character he created. But there’s a zippy sense of fun and adventure at work here, and it’s engaging work.

Marc Mason

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