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The Indisputable Matt Maxwell Presents:



This being the last of my coverage on SDCC 2009. The way that I write my convention reports (and pretty much any non-fiction) is kinda slipshod and haphazard. Sometimes things get left out and I don’t feel like going back to break up the organic progression of the piece to re-insert them.

Also, I’m lazy and nobody’s paying me to do this. Mostly I’m lazy and undisciplined. Mostly.

So here’s a few of the things that didn’t make it into the report proper. Which you can read here.

Bought the first two issues of CURSED PIRATE GIRL by Jeremy Bastian, who was parked at the Century Guild’s booth. Looking forward to those, as I have since last year’s show.

Wanted very badly to buy the first Gail Potocki book there, but was afraid my satchel would break having to carry it.

Ditto for the 2000 AD booth. I’d have bought a ton of collections at three for fifty bucks, but couldn’t carry them back. Thrill power will have to wait.

Saw a page of Mike Allred art from the discarded METAL MEN series and the fact that it never saw print is a crime against all that is good and pure in this wretched world.

There’s some really cool Kirby DEVIL DINOSAUR pages for sale.

How much time does Frank Quitely spend sharpening his pencil or changing leads? That’s a fine line he’s got there.

Either I’m learning to psychically blot them out or there were fewer Just Plain Wrong cosplayers out there. This development is welcome.

Contrarily, the more elaborate the Star Wars costume, the less likely I am to be interested in it. Why in my day, we had cardboard Stormtroopers and liked it! If your costume today outdoes the costumes in the first movie, isn’t that missing the point?

The custom toy sculptors don’t seem to be taking a hit from the economy, do they? In fact, the straight up pop-culture-vendor side of things seemed to be pretty busy.

I never saw a line in front of a back issue seller and could always reach into practically any bin that I wanted. Most of this trade is done on Ebay these days, right? Bargain bins were doing a bit more trade, but not excessive.

Very few independent single issues that I saw on sale were printed at a large print house. Lots of Kablam and other short-run print jobs, though. I did mine at Kinko’s by the by.

What the hell is a Blammoid? No, DC Direct, I shall not be buying into that particular manufactured craze. Thank you and good day.

Eric Shanower is still an unreasonably underappreciated artist. Can’t wait to start seeing his new OZ material from Marvel in trades.

Still a large number of independent comics publishers in both the small press area and what used to be “indie island” putting out books that I simply don’t see in stores (and I go to good stores when I can.)

This isn’t E3. Please no more video games.

Want a line? Get a celebrity. Does it sell you any books? That, I can’t answer.

It was truly the year that air conditioning failed. I should have worn shorts all four days at the show. But I wanted to look “unslovenly.”

Sorry, I don’t even want that postcard. I know, it hurts. I’ve been there. But I still don’t want that postcard.

Sat in on a bit of the Eisners. Jill Thompson totally won the Eisners. Hats off to her and in particular: Guy Davis and Carla Speed McNeill. Now everyone get out there and read their creator owned work, dammit!

No, I don’t really need any ephemera, thanks. It’s cute and all.

Sometimes, the badge flip is enough to protect your identity.

Why is Kirby wearing a Mario hat?

And on that note, no more mixed-world costumes. That means you zombie stormtrooper. My brain can’t take this. You’re a zombie or a stormtrooper. Not both.

I want Tom Waits to write a concept album around the lives touched by a day at SDCC. That would rule.

After the show, I heard a rumor that the pop culture/movie/television arm of SDCC is going to split off and move to Vegas. Sounds like wishful thinking to me. And I still think that the big media would want the SDCC cache anyways.

More restaurants need to have lighter fare on their menus. I don’t always want a giant slab of meat, nor do I always want a Caesar salad.

I saw an evil doppleganger of Tom Spurgeon, dressed all in black, glasses, Fu Manchu moustache and mutton chop sideburns. I felt like I’d slipped onto Earth-2. I didn’t look to see what comics he was carrying.

The Comics Waiting Room are surprisingly nice folks. Who knew?

Shame about their editor, though…

I never found the guy selling all the TABOO back issues, or most of them anyways. I kinda wish I’d seen him again.

I couldn’t find anyone selling WEDNESDAY COMICS on the floor. Luckily, Mike Sterling got my back there.

Pretty sure I don’t want to try a vodka and Red Bull. Think I’d explode.

Man, I wish I could draw.

Where do the comics that I only see at shows live when they’re not at shows?

No, I don’t want any of Hubbard’s pulp novels. Not even on a CD.

You know, I bet people would complain if this show was a third of its size and didn’t have any movie content. They’d whine about manga publishers instead.

I can’t type and write at the same time. But I can chew gum. Go figure.

I wonder who has to deal with more inane ideas: movie folks or comics folks?

Oh, most massive celebrity crush who was actually doing something for comics? That guy from Coheed and Cambriah (I hope you spell it that way) over at the BOOM! Booth. Tyrese couldn’t match that. And the dude was quiet, too.

Little kids in costumes are the best. I saw a seven-year-old Hawkman that I should have taken a picture of just to remember that for someone (even a lot of someones), SDCC is the Best Place In The Whole Wide World.

Managed to stay away from Stuart Ng Books. I’m not strong enough to survive a trip through the shelves there.

Don’t eat the bageldogs. And stay the hell away from the jalapeño variety.

One-way hallways for all the panel rooms seems like a good idea, but the reality is much more inconvenient.

If the indie marketing panel is any indication, we’re in for much more changes than anyone could have predicted a couple of years ago.

The bar under the Marriott might have changed its menu but it still serves a solid fish and chips.

I like people okay, but you know, large parties get on my nerves in pretty short order.

Writers usually have very short lines in front of them. Artists usually have very long ones. As a writer, I don’t know if I’m relieved or terrified by this.

There’s people who weren’t at the show who’ve written more about than I have.

Wait, people pay to watch this event on TV? Is that a joke? If so, it’s not really funny.

But I’d pay for a Jack Kirby channel. Toth, too.

Why don’t more people coming out of these read more comics?

And doesn’t it make sense to hold out say 10% of the passes for any given day and have them sold on-site to reward spur of the moment attendees? Granted, they’ll have to run a gauntlet, but even so…

Would raising ticket prices really reduce demand? Somehow I think not, unless it was a really steep one.

Please make Artist’s Alley bigger. Kick out the videogames if you have to. And set it up so that people could buy bigger spaces if they like. I’m not sure that the free model is sustainable any longer. Also, if you don’t show up Wednesday, I think they should give your space to an indie publisher who is ready to show.

Huh. Con season isn’t over yet. I remember when SDCC meant the end of the year for me. Is this a good thing?

Not that anyone’s gonna read this. I hear Vince has something cooking, though… 

Matt Maxwell

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