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Press Conference Held Saturday, July 28th, 2007

It was immediately one of the most talked about pieces of PR to make the rounds before the Con got underway: Virgin Comics was announcing a new comics series in their “Voices” line, and this voice belonged to one of the most famous, popular, and notorious women in entertainment- Jenna Jameson. An invitation to a press conference on the matter followed, and with all the shit that was being stirred by the idea, I had to be there.

The panel began with the gents who run Virgin taking some general questions about the Voices line, the Directors line (which will be adding Jonathan Mostow and Terry Gilliam), and the level of collaboration the celebrities have in making the comics that bear their name. But the anticipation for details about the Jenna material was palpable, so before she made her entrance, they verified the most fascinating and risky detail: there will be no adult content in the series- the material will be erotic only. They see no need for nudity. It was then mentioned that Jenna is fascinated with mythology, and the character plays heavily into that; in fact, the story is wrapped in classic mythology involving Lilith, Adam’s first wife. The series will be heavy on the horror aspects because of it, and Jenna has discussed her love of horror with the Virgin crew, so it plays well into what she wants to do. After that, the woman of the hour arrived.

Questions? The assembled press had more than a few. Jenna had answers.

Jenna on comics: “I’ve always been enthralled with comics, so I knew that Virgin was the best possible way to go. They gave me control over storylines. Also, more things will come from it beyond comics, which adds to my conglomerate.”

On horror: “I love horror, especially JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING, and I am so fuckin’ excited to bring those elements to the book.”

On the book’s prospects: “This is going to be the biggest hit out there. Plus, there will be movies, video games, online content.” And on the subject of movies: “I’m not starring in the adaptation of HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE A PORN STAR; I lived through it, and I’m not comfortable playing myself. Scarlett Johansson will play me, with Peter Berg directing. But playing a character- that’s a passion for me and that’s what I want. So I’ll play (Shadow Hunter).”

On expectations: “I always try and factor what I love into the end product. Myfans expect not just a comic. They expect Jenna Jameson.” Later, in discussing some of the downer reaction to the press release, she added “I love it when people are negative- it puts a fire under my ass. Pre-conceived notions about me come from a certain demo, but I bring a different demo to comics.” The Virgin folks then noted that women accounted for at least half of those picking up the free litho of the cover to issue one of Jenna’s book down at their booth.

On staking her claim in the marketplace: “I feel like the industry needs someone like me to dominate it. I want to bring a much larger female fanbase to comics.”

On the depth of her involvement: “I’m extremely hands on, and that’s how I’ll handle it. I’m writing storylines, sending the guys midnight e-mails with character ideas. I’m 100% involved. This. Is. Jenna.” She was also involved in designing the concept for Greg Horn’s cover to issue one as well.

On what made her famous: “I will not downplay my background to promote the comic. I’m proud of my status as a sexual icon.”

With that, the panel took its leave. For those curious about the series, the creative team remains a secret for now. The first story will run five issues and then be collected into trade paperback next summer. Future volumes will appear in the same fashion.

Marc Mason

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