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So here we are again: It’s February 1st and I literally have less than two hours to turn this in, lest I drive the already-overworked Marc Mason to an even earlier grave. A couple of years back, this poor bastard made the terrible mistake of putting his faith in me. Since that time, his life has been a sad parade that circles my house daily in the futile hope that I’ll throw open the door and nervously release some tattered document that Marc can submit to the world as proof that he didn’t imagine me into existence during a particularly bad weekend.

This particular edition of Anything Goes may very well be my last, or next-to-last; on the other hand, it could very well be the first installment in a new era of prolific responsibility for ol’ Brandon Jerwa. The truth is, I never actually know what’s going to happen on this page until it actually happens. That’s probably why it DOESN’T happen more often; I’m simply afraid to find out that I have nothing to say.

I’m going to stack the deck a little and use my space to talk about the aforementioned Doctor Professor Marc Mason. I wasn’t around for the creation of Comics Waiting Room, and I honestly never bothered to ask for what I’m certain is a compelling secret origin story for the site, but I can tell you one thing for certain:

This is Marc’s baby, and he is one hell of a fine parent.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who gives Marc a bad case of heartburn in his role as editor, but the man himself is a stoic portrait of patience and grace during even the leanest weeks of content from his writers. I wish I could somehow learn that kind of serenity, but my mind is far too frantic to allow for such a grounding concept.

When you read this article – such as it is – I want you to put aside the fact that I just avoided writing anything that involved true creativity on my part. Embrace instead the fact that you wouldn’t be reading this at all if not for Marc Mason. It’s easy to take an entertainment website for granted, but believe me when I tell you the creator of this site has never taken it for granted for one second of its existence.

Raise your glasses and remember the founder of your feast, good people, because he always remembers you.

Brandon Jerwa 

Visit CWR at Unsungheroes!  



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