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Jess Knows Best! Advice on love, life, and more for the modern geek and geekette!

Jess Knows Best

Send your questions and comments to me right here, or visit my myspace page!

Dear Jess,

My teenager is going to be driving soon. Any suggestions on how to stall this from happening until she is 18 and on her own?


Dear C***,

A. Ah, the question on every parent’s mind. I’m guessing you’re concerned she may not be ready to handle the responsibility of driving. The best I can suggest is to make her work for it. My parents were more than happy to see me driving at 16 – but they still made me work for it. Our agreement was that as long as I kept A’s in my classes, they would pay for my insurance. I was also required to get a part time job to pay for my own gas; and it cost a lot less back then! You’d be a fool not to make her earn her driving privileges, as well as impose some limitations on them. This is your chance to hold something huge over her head! Be creative!!!

Dear Jessica,

I like to think that I'm a reasonably attractive guy. I did a little art modeling in college, and kinda look like Jake Gyllenhaal. I've never had a problem meeting women or dating, but every time I end up in a long-term relationship for more than a year I enter a dry spell. Aren't dry spells supposed to be things you have BETWEEN relationships?

As if lack of sex isn't bad enough, I recently turned 30 (okay, I recently turned 31) and I'm beginning to feel like my appeal as a sexual partner is waning across the board. My metabolism changed so I can't just eat whatever I want, I now have a job that requires me to exhibit some degree of responsibility, and I think this is the year where I finally need to get glasses or contacts.

I am very happy in my current relationship (another geek, 7 years younger than me), but I can't help but wonder if I'm squandering my last best hope of having lots of wild, crazy sex before I become uncool and old(er). And yes, the issue of my unquenched sex drive has been brought up to my girlfriend and she's been understanding... it's just that nothing much has happened to improve things either. Does familiarity always breed monotony, or am I just a boring person in bed once you get to know me better?


Dear C******,

A. This is a tough one. I hate to be cliché, but you truly need to sit and compose your Pros and Cons list. What does your partner give you that you haven’t found in anyone else? At the end of the day, is that enough to compensate for the lack of “lots of wild, crazy sex”? If finding your ultimate sex partner is more important to you than staying with your current one, there’s no reason to feel guilty for going after what you want. Unfortunately, the only person that can truly answer your question is you – but I say go with your gut – or…groin…as it were!


Regarding my Spawn Comics; BBQ lighting fodder, or should I curse my son with a random find when he is 13 and digging through the garage?


Dear Chromeangel,

A. As I’m sure you agree, Spawn’s day has come and gone. However, no reformed Spawn fan could dispute that they once believed they were worth the read. If you have the space, I say let your son peruse them. If he ultimately comes to the same conclusion as the rest of the comic community, let him use them as scrap for a school project. At least something useful will come of them!

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