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Jess Knows Best! Advice on love, life, and more for the modern geek and geekette!

Jess Knows Best

Send your questions and comments to me right here, or visit my myspace page!

This week’s question comes from our rather strange friend over at Orcusville.com. I think it’s intended to be a daily strip for gamer-geeks, but the truth is, I don’t understand a word of it. Read on and judge for yourself! :)

Dear Mortal-Named-Jess,

I am an ancient daemon god with an unrelenting crush on an immortal Etruscan princess. The sad thing is I have not the courage to tell her how I really feel. I shop at the local pan-dimensional comic store with her all the time (we always read the new Buffy and BSG: Season Zero issues to each other); we game together on a frequent basis (but I never, ever give her any slack as GM. She gets TPK'd with the rest of them!); and we like many of the same things, including music and mocking many a mortal (but not you-- we really like you). I feel we are obviously compatible. I mean, it's pretty... well... obvious. But I just can't seem to get beyond being "just friends". What is this fear I feel? I had no problem razing Hommlet for kicks a few years back, and I don't usually hesitate about anything, but the idea of giving her any indication of my deep affection makes my wings quiver in terror. Please help!

Infernally Yours,
Dispatered on Palantine Hill


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