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Over the past six months or so, I’ve drastically cut the number of pamphlet comics I’d been buying. Pretty much everything I was getting was eventually shipping in trade as it was, and the classic buying effect took hold the minute I started doing it: I didn’t miss those floppies. Not one bit.

Sure have liked the trades, though.

This past week I was at a local shop where I have a ton of trade credit and I picked up IDW’s first two ANGEL hardcovers and Dark Horse’s first two BUFFY SEASON EIGHT trades, figuring I’d pass the individual issues they encompassed on to a Whedon fan I know. And as I read through them, I realized that it was (again) so much more satisfying to have that format in my hands. Almost to the point of ridiculousness. Then I thought back to my most recent DCBS order.

Out of what was likely misguided loyalty, I’d been buying Marvel’s latest incarnation of NEW WARRIORS. The original series remains one of the great unsung superhero books ever and I wanted to throw my support behind the idea of bringing it back. But it has been canceled with the most recent issue. That means when I start picking my DCBS stuff next month, I won’t be buying a single Marvel book in monthly format. (I had already dropped every DC monthly I was buying a while back.)

That’s a 27-year streak that’s ending right there.

The other monthlies I’ve been buying… BUFFY, ANGEL, ECHO, DOKTOR SLEEPLESS… there’s no need. What the hell am I doing?

So I’m going to finish each book’s current arc and then let the floppies go.

I’ll still wind up with some new floppies. I get many review comics in that format and I do keep a few that I truly enjoy, donating or trading the rest.

As comics approach what could ultimately be a four dollar price point, this is the only thing to do that makes sense from a financial point as well. I think we’ll see a paring of the lines at Marvel and DC as they try and remain solvent during this recession, but even then, using DCBS (who completely rock out) can only take you so far. You’ll still be laying out almost three bucks a book after the discount. Looking at a complete fuck-up like ASTONISHING X-MEN: GHOST BOXES (16 pages of actual comic for four bucks) the value factor is completely out of whack.

I wrote a column a while back about getting rid of my (floppy) comics, and what can I say: the easiest way is just not to buy any. So thanks, Marvel and DC- you made this decision much, much easier than I expected it to be.

Marc Mason





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