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Apocrypha Entertainment Presents:


San Diego is two weeks away. Wow.

As the big show prepares to roll into all our lives, it seems like a good time to once again dip into the con sketch “bag” and show off another of my favorite treasures. This time around, it’s an amazing sketch by one of my favorite creators in comics: Chynna Clugston, the genius behind BLUE MONDAY. If you aren’t familiar with BLUE MONDAY, then, well: shame on you. Please immediate go check it out at Oni Press’ website or buy the book from your local retailer. Trust me on this: you’re gonna love it. Clugston’s character-rich comedy about teens trying to survive their adolescence in the 80s remains one of my favorite series, and has permanently made sure that I will always put eyeballs on anything she produces.

This sketch is of Bleu Finnegan, the series’ main character. This was done in one of my 3.5in by 3.5in sketchbooks with a basic sharpie, which makes the level of detail even niftier. And check out how she signs her work- how cool is that? You can bet that, in two weeks, I’ll be checking the schedule to see if Chynna’s signing at the Oni booth. It’s always, always, worth my time.


Marc Mason  

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