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Apocrypha Entertainment Presents:

Okay, here’s the deal:

If you plan for San Diego at the last minute, you’re insane. You’re causing yourself unnecessary headaches. If you plan for San Diego at the last minute, you aren’t really planning at all.

Why wait?

SDCC is the only con I hit consistently every year (this marks my tenth straight year, and boy is it wildly different today than it was in 2000- but I digress); I don’t even hit the Phoenix show every year. I suspect that’s true for many of the 125,000 brave (loopy? drunk? syphilis ridden?) souls packing that convention center- they build themselves up to blow their pop culture wad at the big show. But there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think that’s the way it should be.

I start planning for SDCC in October, nine months ahead of the show. I make a hotel reservation (that’s right- why wait for Travel Planners and the headaches that causes?). I start putting aside some cash. Then in January, when the airline reservations for July go online, I grab a (very) advance ticket at a nice, low price.

This past couple of weeks, I’ve actually seen some folks online talking about finally buying a flight. Are you shitting me? If you have that much money to waste, please Paypal it to me immediately. Running this site ain’t free, you know.

Folks: plan. Take a cab from the airport? Why? Get stuck in traffic and that meter does nothing but run and suck cash out of your wallet. And we all know what traffic is like starting on Wednesday when you approach downtown San Diego. “Thick” doesn’t quite cover it. Take a shuttle. Or a city bus. Save taking cabs for when you are leaving the Hyatt at 2:30 in the morning and don’t quite remember how to get to your hotel. Get a Ralph’s shopper card. Buy some groceries. Eat out only once a day.

Plan. San Diego is expensive, even when you aren’t there for the con.

If you plan, you stand a better chance of making your trip to Comic-Con one that you’ll truly never forget. Take the scramble out of it, and you take the worry out of it. Take the worry out of it…

…and you put the fun in it.

Because that’s what SDCC is really about. It isn’t about comics (and I won’t snark here about the Big Media presence, though I easily could) and it isn’t about seeing movie stars. It’s about family. This week, I get to see the brothers I only get to see once a year (Brandon, Matt, Joe, Vince), my kid sisters (Jess, Avril), and the cousin we keep in the attic (Elliott). People I love immensely; people that are really the only reason I spend nine months planning for these few days in the cool ocean sun. Comic-Con is for Us and by Us; the geeks have inherited the Earth. Let’s make sure, then, that we have a properly thought out family reunion. 

Marc Mason  

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