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This was my tenth straight SDCC, and to say that it was the most unusual one I’ve experienced would be an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong. In many ways, this year was the best con I’ve ever had. The time I spent was friends was amazing in all possible ways, I added some new ones, finally got to meet in person some others… all good stuff. I kept my media obligations to a sane level, never overwhelming my days. I took the time to relax, smell the fresh air, and get out and walk around the city a bit more, as well as hit the Wednesday afternoon Padres game before the con broke loose and began to devour the city. It was as relaxed as I have been in many months, even with the con going on, and frankly, I don’t think many people at the show could really say that.

But as another friend said to me as we discussed the con, the entire experience had an edgy undercurrent to it.

There was more going on beneath the surface this year than ever before. There were moments of genuine emotional pain that cracked their way through gentle facades that had perhaps been built on unsteady foundations, and this was so for multiple persons. There was a bit more in the way of maneuvering between people as well. Motivations, at times, seemed a little murky. Lies were exposed to the harsh light of day.

Frankly, my own behavior wasn’t exactly Emily Post, either. On one night, I had something in the neighborhood of my body weight in alcohol. God only knows some of the things I said or did during those hours I ultimately lost. No one was so mad that they weren’t speaking to me the next day, so I suppose that’s a positive. But still… I wasn’t exactly having my finest moments.

Perhaps the biggest positive I took away from San Diego this year (aside from fun with friends) was that I didn’t come home feeling completely sick of comics. And I say this as someone that put his focus precisely on comics at this year’s show. I didn’t hit all the big media booths this year. I put my focus on the A-D end of the convention center when I was inside (as well as on a great visit to Artist’s Alley on Saturday). I saw many of the retailers’ booths, did some shopping of their wares. Enjoyed seeing new books at the publishers’ tables. When on the floor, I made it a comic-con for myself, and I did it in moderation this time around. I left feeling good about the work being done in comics. And I liked that feeling very much.

I’ve read many other accounts from the show, and it’s always amazing to see just how different everybody’s experiences really are at SDCC. Going back to what I said above, I really did love just about every minute of it. Each time around, I learn more about myself, more about how to manage the show, and more about the people I care about that are on the journey with me. And if you can’t take those things away from the show… then why bother spending the money? 

Marc Mason  

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