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Apocrypha Entertainment Presents:


Call me a purist, but to me the most exciting and interesting part of any convention is scouring artists’ alley and the small press area for cool new comics. There are so many talented folks making comics that never see the inside of PREVIEWS that it’s kinda scary, so conventions tend to be the easiest way for me (personally) to find these creators.

Cut to the earlier part of this decade. I’m strolling through SDCC and I spot Joanne Ellen Mutch. She’s got this interesting looking comic she’s pushing called RUMMBLESTRIPS, and I take a peek inside, intrigued by the title and cover (featuring a very… uniquely designed… robot). What do I see? An artist with some real talent. A whimsical and unusual relationship between a young woman and her alien robot roommate. Real world troubles. Sci-fi troubles.

Sold. Joanne had my money.

Joanne produces her comic in her free time, working a day job like so many others who love the comics medium. She’s a terrific artist, a very personable and friendly convention presence, and someone whose work is worth your time. So in the tradition of me showing off art from my convention sketchbooks, here’s a piece from Joanne from 2002:

Marc Mason  

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