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Apocrypha Entertainment Presents:

When is it too much?

Last fall, I sent in some pictures and participated in the Robot 6 blog’s “Shelf Porn” rotation. It was after doing so, after looking at the pictures, that I began to have a little bit of a freakout.

“About what?” you’re wondering. Simple: I began to realize that I have WAY too many comics and graphic novels. Still.

I had started going about the business of divesting myself of the large quantity of regular comics a few years ago. I have, at this point, whittled things down from 18 long boxes to eleven. Which, I have to say, is damned significant. But that still leaves a lot of stuff that I need to think harder about. Do I really need all of it? Will I ever really read most of it ever again?

Will I ever have time to read most of it ever again? Not bloody likely.

The same goes with the 2000+ graphic novels on my shelves. How many of those really mean something to me? How many of those do I ever intend on reading again? It isn’t as many as I’m kidding myself that it is, I’m sure of that.

So at this point, I have a stack of over 200 graphic novels and manga volumes that I’ve pulled off the shelves and put aside. And once I get them properly listed, I’m going to have a massive sale. Massive. Hundreds of books for $5. Hundreds of comics for $.50 apiece. Might even start off by putting ads in the local papers and on Craigslist and doing a one-day yard sale.

I’m still going to own a shitload of comics and graphic novels at that point. The odds of me getting the book numbers down below 1800 books are pretty slim. There will still be plenty of shelf porn. But I need to start somewhere. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I’ll get myself there.

One reason I’m talking about this here in this space is that I want to give CWR readers first dibs once things are ready. I will give anyone that contacts me directly or comments here the list of sale items two weeks before I release it out to the general public. $5 graphic novels, plus shipping, and domestic shipping only. I’ll use Priority Mail flat rate packaging to keep things reasonable and so you get stuff fast. None of that two-week wait for Parcel Post.

I have too many comics and graphic novels. I’m willing to part with them at prices of half to 90% off cover. Speak up now, and they could be yours.

Oh, and P.S.: if you like books without pictures, I think you would enjoy this very much:

Marc Mason  

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