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Apocrypha Entertainment Presents:

Neil Kleid has been steadily branding himself as a comics writer with a solid reputation, from his Xeric winning NINETY CANDLES, to the humorous URSA MINORS to his spectacular BROWNSVILLE. We last caught up with Neil about his Zuda Comics effort, ACTION OHIO, but with a new book debuting at SDCC, it seemed like a good time to take a few minutes to catch up with him and see how things are progressing from his keyboard. –Marc Mason

MM: It’s time to once again catch up with Neil Kleid, whose new graphic novel, THE BIG KAHN, debuted at SDCC from NBM. Neil, tell us about the book.

NK: The book is about Rabbi David Kahn. He’s a pulpit Rabbi, and at his funeral, his family and the congregation find out he’s been lying to them and conning them for forty years. He’s not even Jewish! The book is really about the aftermath of that revelation, and how the family deals with the fact that something they have staked their faith in, based on a man who was husband and father, was really just a lie. Each of them has their own emotional dilemma and revelations of their own based on that.

MM: So a little heavy drama?

NK: No, no- it’s comedy! (laughs) No, it’s a drama, a very heavy drama. I think people will enjoy it. It’s got a “Six Feet Under” vibe to it.

MM: How did you hook up with your artist, Nicholas Cinquegrani?

NK: Somebody sent me his website, I loved his work, and I reached out to him and said “Hey! I don’t know if you’re looking to do a book but I’ve got this massive 175-page book if you want to do it.” He said “Yeah!”

MM: It was just that easy?

NK: That was pretty much it. I find that if you’re nice and lay out why people should work on your book and how it will help them get exposure and hopefully some cash, and also allow them to work on quality projects, you can find some folks.

MM: You’re starting to build up quite a body of work. How’s that feel now?

NK: Daunting! I’ve got a couple more things going on in the next few years and it’s nice. But the problem is that you’re only as good as your last book, so you have to go up from there. Always a feat trying to beat what you’ve done before.

MM: How have you been enjoying webcomics? Going to stick with it?

NK: ACTION OHIO is still running at Shadowline, and I think we’re up to around page fifty. We update every Monday. I’m doing that with artist Paul Salvi. I think that’s kind of it for the moment. I’ve talked to a couple of people about a couple of other webcomics, but whether they come to fruition or not, who knows?

MM: Neil, thanks for taking the time to talk with us again. Good luck with the new book- I hope it’s successful!

NK: Thanks, Marc! 

Marc Mason  

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