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Vincent S. Moore Presents:


Missing Out

The rest of this issue of Comics Waiting Room is celebrating the biggest comics convention in the United States. Namely, Comic-Con International: San Diego. Better known to long timers as San Diego Comic Con. Or SDCC. Or CCI. Many of those writing in this issue are spending their time focusing on different aspects of the show. Creators attending. Perspectives on having attended shows in years past. And many other things.

I’m not doing any of that.

Because, for the first time in 13 years, I am not going to CCI.

Not at all. Not in any kind of reduced schedule, doing only a couple of days instead of the whole show. Just not going at all.

Which sucks.

Or did, when it first hit me that I wouldn’t be going.

See, here at the Omnium Gatherum Sanctum, there are currently more bills than cash. The big money I was expecting and that would have paid for the trip did not arrive. And there are big doings going on behind the scenes that I won’t talk about here that required I make a choice. Either go to the show and dig myself in a little deeper down certain holes. Or man up and skip the show.

It’s tough being an adult some times.

Especially in the comics industry.

But this was a truly adult decision.

I have officially a professional for six years, as far as CCI is concerned. First with a writing project at Platinum that thankfully fell through, and then as an editor for Astounding Studios. I’ve sat a booth and I’ve walked the vast floor as if I were at Mecca, circling round and round in a daze of wonder and excitement.

Yet, I’m not where I want to be in my comics career.

Like many out there, I have big dreams of creating cool comics. Mostly the kinds of books you might see from Image or Dark Horse, in terms of quality and look but with my own flavor added. And I wouldn’t even turn my nose up at a writing assignment at DC or Marvel, if such a thing were come my way.

But, in the spirit of the honest that comes upon one when a 40th birthday approaches, I haven’t done all that I could do to further my aspirations.

And I realize that.

I’ve coasted along for the better part of six years, just going where the tides and the ebbing and flowing of chance has taken me. Not that I truly regret those opportunities, including this column. Just that I haven’t pushed to make the most of these opportunities either. In the end, if my comics career isn’t what I envisioned it to be, then I primarily and ultimately am the one responsible. Not blame, as that’s not the Buddhist way, but the one responsible. As such, I have the responsibility to change this situation.

Part of that change is to give this year’s CCI a miss and start the process of actually building the career I have dreamed of since I was a child reading my first comics. That way, when this time of year rolls around again, I am ready on all fronts to attend.

I will miss not going though.

I will miss all the friends I’ve made over the years. Those other comics professionals I would only see when CCI rolled around. And hanging out drinking and talking and having fun. I will miss the after con at the Hyatt, seeing my fellow professionals talking and drinking and seeing the real deals being made.

I will miss the city of San Diego. As a native Los Angelino, it is strange I don’t go to SD on a more regular basis. But I don’t. So CCI provides the opportunity to visit this lovely city. I love walking the downtown area and the mall at Horton Plaza. Even the homeless people have a style and flair they don’t here in LA. I remember one year being approached by a guy begging for money that gave out a beautiful calligraphied note as a kind of thank you for giving him money. Where else does that happen?!? It’s never happened to me in Santa Monica, I’ll tell you. Not even in Hollywood. Only in San Diego.

I will miss the buzz that being in a large room, filled with several thousand people that share my love of comics and the comics industry. When I was tired, I could just walk the floor (okay, not really walk but shuffle along with the rest of the crowd) and feel alive and awake. The chances of doing things like bumping into Grant Morrison and handing him some comics I edited are golden memories. I won’t get the chance to make any new ones this year. But I will next year.

And I will miss seeing the rest of 10 Worlds Studio make their CCI debut at The Antidote Trust booth. Best of luck, fellas. Next year, we’ll do it up right. If any of you folks are going to the show, stop by and say hello to all the folks who are part of the Trust and the guys of 10WS. Tell them I sent you.

But miss all of these things I will.

My heart wants to be heavy, but it is not. My reasons for not going are sound. My life will not end if I don’t go. And there is always next year to go.

In fact, if I’m doing my job right and going after my goals in better ways, I will be going to more than just this one show.

That is something to look forward to.

Knowing that lightens my heart.

To my fellow CWRers that are going, have a drink for me. And share the tales of your adventures when you return home.

To my readers that are going to CCI, have a blast, whether it is your first time or your tenth or your thirty-ninth.

See y’all next year. Same CCI time, same CCI place.


Vincent S. Moore

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