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Vincent S. Moore Presents:

Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up

Hello there, folks.

As this goes live on the CWR website, it will be the day before the biggest, coolest, most crowded and nerdiest comics and pop culture convention in the United States.

Yes, I’m talking about that spectacle called Comic-Con International: San Diego.

And I’m going this year.

Aren’t you?

Now I had hoped to be making a really big announcement with this column. However, circumstances within and beyond my control conspired against that particular announcement. The Buddhist in me says this wasn’t the right time and what I would have announced wouldn’t have been as good or as skillful as I would have liked. So I’m not worried that the big surprise isn’t happening at this time.

Let’s not allow things that are not to worry us.

Let’s talk about things that are.

Like my appearance at Comic-Con.

I’m pitching in to help out my good friends The Antidote Trust--a fine collective of like minded self-publishers; check out their website: theantidotetrust.com for details on who’s who and what they have to offer--with their booth at the big show.

So, if any of the three of you that read this column on regular basis are in attendance at CCI: San Diego, feel free to stop by. To see me or, even better, to see and buy the fine wares of The Antidote Trust.

You will find us at booth #2806, across from the Dark Horse and Viz booths, near the front entrance to the showroom floor.

Stop by and say hi.

I’m looking forward to meeting any of you readers of the Comics Waiting Room and the Omnium Gatherum.

And stay tuned, for I will be making that big announcement in the coming weeks.

If you’re going to Comic-Con, safe and fun trip. And if not, then there’s always next year!


Vincent S. Moore

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