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Vincent S. Moore Presents:

This I believe

I believe in endless possibilities. That this world and its people can still surprise and delight and occasionally frighten me. That, while too many of us get caught up in feeling that the ‘same shit, different day’ faux philosophy is a true reflection of reality, the deeper truth is that every day is a new day and full of potential, positive and negative and something else in-between. It is merely up to ourselves and no other to make of each day what we choose.

I believe in the power of words to shape and change reality. I’m not necessarily talking about what Grant Morrison has done with his work. Or the speeches of Dr. King or Gandhi or President Obama. Or the bile and nonsense that comes out of the mouths of Glenn Beck and his ilk. I am talking about sentences like “I love you” said to a child or a parent or a loved one. I’m talking about the words “the future” and how they can get one to start thinking about what lies ahead rather than wallowing in what’s already done. I’m talking about the power of prayer, regardless of one’s faith, and affirmations said to change the internal world of an individual as much or moreso than the external world. Maybe that is the same thing as what Grant Morrison has done.

I believe in myself. Although that’s a shaky proposition at times. I’m still trying to master that belief. I believe I should believe in myself. Perhaps I need to fake it until I make it on this front.

I believe in the power and strength and wonders of the comics medium and its ability to tell just about any kind of story with its mix of literary, illustrative, graphic, and cinematic tools plus some of tools of its own. I also believe it doesn’t matter if the story is about a superhero or an ordinary person. All stories deal with life, the struggle to achieve goals and/or to solve problems, and the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual impacts of those struggles upon human beings. I believe it’s foolish to spend time seeing only the differences without seeing the similarities. At their core, both Superman and Luba share in the struggle to be human.

I am starting to believe more in the Middle Way, in finding the balance and unity between opposing forces. Seeing the world in only black or white is fine but very limited. The world has black and white and a myriad of other colors in it. Black and white need each other to define each other. Men and women are both different and similar and define each other, whether one chooses to believe so or not. Seeing the balance of forces is also I struggle I contend with daily.

I believe in people, in their potential. Yet I understand that potential can be bad as well as good. This goes back to that Middle Way thing again. It may not be as easy as I thought it would be to strive for balance but it is what I’ve chosen to do.

I believe I have no one to blame for my life, including myself. This isn’t to say I abdicate responsibility for my life and the circumstances in which I find myself. Rather it means that I have to stop kicking myself and punishing myself for my faults. It means I have to accept responsibility for my life with compassion and wisdom. Kicking yourself only adds to the pain and suffering that are aspects of this existence. Ridding myself of that habit, along with other parts of my upbringing that no longer serve me, is the hardest thing for me to do. I may spend the rest of my life engaged in the struggle for my life.

I believe change can happen at a moment’s notice or it can take a long, hard time. That’s the very nature of change, that it is not a constant nor truly permanent. Change simply is.

I believe it isn’t too late to live out my dreams and it is too early to give up on them. I have to not only take life one day at a time but I have to being willing to accept that the past doesn’t matter. It’s what I do now, from this moment forward--or honimyo, as we Nichiren Buddhists say-- that determines my fate and my future. If and only if I continue to accept the belief that my past is my future, then I will fail utterly.

I believe I have some work to do.

I believe in love. I always have. Love is one of those things all of us have wanted all of our lives. From parents. From friends. And from that one or those ones we want to share our lives with. I believe love heals and hurts, just as often at the same time as at different times. But I believe in it nonetheless. Love, like change, simply is.

I believe I’ve wasted enough of my time.

I believe now is the time, my time.

This I believe with all my heart.

Namaste, y’all.

Vincent S. Moore

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