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Vincent S. Moore Presents:


Fear And Loathing, Hope And Wonder:
One Year Later

Nothing comes easy.

It’s been a year since Barack Obama was elected President of these United States. He hasn’t even finished his first year as the leader of our nation but so much has happened and so much more needs to happen in our country. Our president has so many problems to solve, problems that existed when he ran for office. Problems that are proving difficult to solve with simple means. Our collective expectations were so high for him that some buyer’s remorse is starting to creep into our thoughts and our conversations with each other.

As I said a year ago, we needed to send our prayers to whoever would become president. Because the job just ain’t easy.

And President Obama still needs those prayers.

But all is not bleak.

The efforts to pass health care reform are moving forward.

Aspects of the economy are turning around.

The rest of the world is looking to America again to both lead the way and to be the example of what’s possible.

If anything, our President should be doing more to build the faith of the American people in their country. To get them to better understand that nothing is perfect but that we are always perfecting ourselves and our nation. He wouldn’t be where he is if that weren’t true.

It’s still amazing to think of what happened just one year ago.

It is even more amazing to think of what the next few years will hold for us.

It is a time of hope.

It is still a time of struggle.

We just have to be patient and be understanding of what our government is doing or trying to do, even though part of ourselves and parts of our country feel that we shouldn’t be. And that includes those of us who backed our President as much as it does his detractors.

Therefore, it is still a time where our leaders still need our prayers and support.

For if we do not rise together, we will sink together.

What are you doing to be the change we need to see?

Namaste and see y’all folks next time.

Vincent S. Moore

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