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Vincent S. Moore Presents:



Giving Thanks

During my week off I was outlining in my mind the various topics I could have chosen to talk about. There was a development on a couple of TV shows of interest to fans of the fantastic I could have discussed, especially given the topic of race that I have been ruminating over the previous three installments of this column. I also have a couple of wonderful books I could have reviewed, one dealing with comics, one dealing with Hollywood which could be said to deal with comics, and one that would get me into trouble with certain persons in the comics blogosphere.

I decided against any of those topics for this column. But I hope I’ve teased you unseen readers enough about what’s to come for us.

No, I decided to do something simple, more homey and totally holiday appropriate.

I decided to give thanks this week.

What brought this about was an exchange of emails between myself and my 10 Worlds Studios partner Joseph P. Gauthier.

Trying to keep a long story short, Joe emailed me last week, to see in what ways he could change his tactics regarding the comics industry. He was asking me what was he doing wrong in terms of getting his big break. In response to that question, I replied by outlining in brief my own journey of the last seven years working to get into comics. That reminiscence triggered something in the back of my mind.

Something that would culminate when I wrote Joe on Sunday evening, after having finishing a couple of writing projects of a new comics magazine that should see print early next year. After finishing those projects as well as an interview for the new website, I was sitting back and feeling a bit surreal.

It was a feeling of living the life I’ve wanted to live for a long time.

It was a sense of wonder at my achievements, amazement I had made it as far as I have without being concerned of how much farther I have to go.

It was a feeling of appreciation.

That feeling was and is something very different from the usual level of snark and complaint I often find myself reading on the web. I wanted to share it with my readers and with the world. It may be hubris on my part. But I think if we don’t take time to see what we have we don’t learn to appreciate it. In a world that encourages all of us to keep striving and running and moving towards that big, bright tomorrow that never truly comes, I think sitting down and looking at the roses and butterflies is an occasional good use of one’s time.

Since this column is more than likely to show up on the website on Thanksgiving itself, I think this is the right topic at the right time.

To start off, I would like to thank my family for all their support, both positive and negative. I am by no means the easiest person to get along with and can be quite strange. So they deserve some serious gratitude on my part.

I would like to thank my brothers in arms, Joseph P. Gauthier and Alexander Lugo, my partners in 10 Worlds Studios. Our adventure is only just beginning. 2008 is our year to win or lose, fellas. Let’s give it our all and take no prisoners.

I would like to thank Karen, Cabrini, and Rita for introducing me to Nichiren Buddhism nearly twenty years ago. Without this anchor in my life, I don’t know if I’d be where I am or be able to enjoy it as much. Thanks to all my leaders and fellow members in LA Coastal Region, Airport-Mar Vista Area, Airport Chapter, and Lotus District for your support and for all the challenges you keep giving me.

I would like to thank Steve LeClaire, the owner of Comics Ink, who gave me my first job in comics, namely selling them. I wasn’t always the best employee but I did love the job. Being surrounded five days a week by the hobby you love is a dream. Learning to love comics more despite the crazy nature of this business is a benefit. Any success I have in comics will be because of lessons learned at this store.

I would like to thank those who’ve given me a boost in the comics game itself:

Aaron, formerly of Platinum Studios who thought of me when they needed a writer for one of their projects five years ago. The project didn’t work out, but without Aaron recommending me to his then-boss Lee Nordling, I wouldn’t have gotten my first pro badge at Comic-Con International. That might not mean much to some of you readers but it meant the world to me at that time.

Kevin Grevioux, for pulling me into the whole Astounding/DarkStorm Studios adventure as your editor. What a long, strange trip the last three years have been. And it looks like the coming years will be even more strange and fun.

And Hannibal Tabu, for introducing me to Jonah Weiland of Comic Book Resources and other things. It was incredibly fun writing for CBR and hopefully I’ll get the chance again. Now, if I could only find Hannibal these days. He has become The Shadow. If you’re not reading his columns at CBR, do yourselves the favor and check them out.

I would like to thank When Fangirls Attack for providing me with both good info and funny things to every most days of the week. I definitely don’t always agree with the philosophies of the linkblog’s founders or of the blogs linked to, but I do always find something that amuses me in what I see. In the end, I hope you ladies and gentlemen get the comics you want to see. Let us also hope those comics aren’t just as bad in reverse as the ones you rail against.

I would like to thank Marvel and DC for being there, making the comics I read in my youth and in my adulthood. Even when the books are bad or sucky because they are too busy trying to the movie of the week on paper, my love for the characters owned by these companies keeps me coming back for more. I’ll admit I’m an addict and that the product y’all put out is just too good to pass up, even when it’s bad.

I would also like to thank Image and Dark Horse and Fantagraphics and all the rest for creating all kinds of comics. I have yet to break into your ranks as a writer but that won’t stop me. I love comics and so I have to give thanks to all those who make comics.

I could thank Viz and TokyoPop for bringing manga to the American shores, but I was reading manga before they showed up. But I do appreciate the many manga titles I read, so I guess I should be grateful for these and other manga publishers.

To the many others I’ve left out, thank you as well.

And lastly but by no means least, I would like to thank Marc Mason for giving me this forum to shoot my mouth off every week. I am still amazed that you would ask me to join your website and still honored that I get to write this thing. I’m having fun and hope you are as well. Let’s see what kinds of trouble we can get into during 2008.

And I would like to thank you, my unseen readers. My early weeks brought a few eyes to my little corner of cyberspace and I hope you’ve stuck around and will continue to do so. I hope you like what you read on a weekly basis. And if you don’t, well, I hope you kindly keep it to yourselves; I have enough problems without worrying about sucking each and every week.

To everyone, I would humbly suggest that you not only take this Thanksgiving holiday to express your gratitude to those around you, but that it’s good to be thankful every day of the year. This adventure called life is equally long and short, sometimes dull but never boring. Take some time to look at the flowers and to chase the butterflies.

Now, if y’all will excuse me, I have a Thanksgiving dinner to eat.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Vincent S. Moore

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